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Roofs in Cincinnati, Dayton, Hamilton and the surrounding area face wear and tear from all forms of weather. Homeowners will try to protect their homes with regular roofing maintenance and repairs. Unfortunately, all roofs can only take so much damage before they need to be completely replaced. When it finally becomes time for you to replace your roof, you want to make sure that you've chosen the right type of roofing material to fit your home. With such a wide range of materials available, including shingle roofing, metal roofing, and modern energy-efficient products, knowing what the best product is for your home can be a challenge to many homeowners in.

The local roofing experts at Bone Dry Roofing will evaluate your roof and your needs in person to provide you with a quality installation that fits your needs. Our specialists care about your needs and take into consideration everything from function to style when designing a roof for you. Contact us today to get a free estimate on all our high-quality roofing services, including roof repair, roof replacement, and installation in Loveland, Fairfield, Middletown, West Chester, Ft Mitchell, Mason, Miamisburg and the surrounding areas.

Don't hesitate on replacing your roof. With the wide variety of specialized roofing materials offered, Bone Dry Roofing will have just what your property needs to be restored to its best condition. Contact us for a free estimate today!

Before and After
  • Mason, OH Roof Replacement
    Mason, OH Roof Replacement

    Mason, OH Roof Replacement

    This customer was able to get part of their replacement funds from insurance, and were more than happy to proceed with a beautiful new roof. The experts at Bone Dry Roofing provided a detailed inspection and then put together a unique plan for this home's specific needs. Superb choice of color, wouldn't you agree?

  • New Roof Replacement In Mason, Ohio
    New Roof Replacement In Mason, Ohio

    New Roof Replacement In Mason, Ohio

    We replaced the roof and gutters for this great couple in Mason. Our specialist John Strobl helped them to understand the roofing process and choose the perfect roof for their home. Now they have a beautiful roof that will last for years to come!

  • Roof Replacement - Alexandria Main Fire Station
    Roof Replacement - Alexandria Main Fire Station

    Roof Replacement - Alexandria Main Fire Station

    See the "Case Studies" portion of our site for more photos and descriptions of this monster job.  It is especially rewarding helping protect those who protect us! Our team of professionals can handle roofs of all shapes and sizes- this is a great example of a huge roof where expert assistance pays off!

  • Roof Replacement in Connersville, IN
    Roof Replacement in Connersville, IN

    Roof Replacement in Connersville, IN

    This roof was ravaged by the wind, causing enough damage to convince insurance to pay for a full replacement.  Even though it was May, the day was chilly and rainy (around 40 degrees!) when we met the adjuster on site.  After some fairly brief negotiations, they agreed to replace the roof and we were out shortly after to install this upgraded beauty!

  • Asphalt & asphalt fiberglass shingles
    Asphalt Shingles

    Although this type of shingle is known by many different names, the most common roof shingles used today are technically known as asphalt fiberglass shingles. The fiberglass mat embedded in the shingle adds an extra degree of strength and damage resistance.

    Due to their affordability, ease of install, durability, and their wide variety of colors, This type of shingle has become the most popular type of roofing for sloped roofs. Premium grades of "laminated" asphalt fiberglass shingles are typically warrantied for 50 years. Some manufacturers have even created asphalt shingles that look just like wood and slate.

    When installed properly, energy-efficient shingles can offer savings on energy bills. Reflective roof products can also reduce UV damage and extend the life of the roof. Many cool roof products qualify for energy rebates and incentives.

  • Composite roofing
    Composite roofing

    The term "composite" is used when referring to several different types of roofing systems. This is because it means that the roof was made with a number of different materials during the manufacturing process. One of the most common types of composite roofing used today is a simulated roofing slate that is made from resins and from rubber compounds extracted from recycled tires. This slate substitute offers a long lifespan and a lower installation price while providing the desired appearance of a traditional slate roof.

    Composite shingles carry some of the industry's longest running warranties, making them a smart choice as an investment for your home. In fact, many asphalt shingles used today technically fall under the composite roofing umbrella.

  • Wood shingles & shakes
    Wooden Shingles

    Wood shingles and shakes most often come from red cedar, Alaskan yellow cedar or Eastern white cedar. Wood Shingles are preferred to be made from the wood of evergreens because they are dimensionally-stable and resistant to rot and naturally repels insects. While wood shingles are very beautiful, they do require more maintenance than traditional roofing materials.

    Homeowners that are not familiar with roofing materials may not know the difference between shingles and shakes. The main difference is that shakes are split from logs and have a rough, random texture; shingles have a smooth surface because they're sawed. A wooden roofing system is expensive and requires extra skill to install. This type of roofing is often used for historic homes and should only be left to the most experienced roofing contractors.

  • Rubber roofing
    Rubber Roofing

    Although rubber is a well established form of roofing, rubber roofs are fairly new when compared to the other materials available. The roofing industry used a great deal of chemistry and research to develop a thin rubber membrane that also possesses the durability and waterproof qualities required to protect a roof from nature. Rubber roofing is sometimes referred to as EPDM roofing. EPDM is an abbreviation for ethylene propylene diene monomer, the highly engineered compound used to manufacture most types of rubber roofing. Rubber roofing is used primarily on flat or low-slope roofs in both commercial and residential buildings.

    A "membrane roof" usually refers to a rubber or EPDM roof that is installed on a flat roof or a low-slope application. This system is popular on commercial buildings that have flat roofs. Very few houses utilize this design. However, membrane roofs can be used to seal flat roofs over garages and porches as well.

  • Flat roofing
    Flat roofing

    The term "flat roofs" are often put in the same category as "low-slope" roofs because they both use many of the roofing treatments. The most common flat roofing materials used on residential and commercial buildings today include single-membrane systems like EPDM or rubber roofing, thermo-polyolefin (TPO) roofing and PVC roofing. Metal roofing is sometimes used on low-slope roofs, but not on flat roofs.

    High-density Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing is a system that is used to coat a roof with a continuous layer of foam insulation that will also serve as the finished roof surface (as long as a protective coating is applied over the foam). Unfortunately, all flat roofing systems are inherently prone to leaking. It is always important that homeowners hire skilled installers whenever flat roofing is repaired, replaced or installed.

  • Solar shingles & solar roofing
    Solar shingles

    Solar shingles and solar roofing are examples of new "thin-film" photovoltaic technology referred to as "building-integrated photovoltaics," or BIPV. The designs of solar shingles come in the same standard size and shape that asphalt shingles do. This is so that they can be unobtrusively integrated into an asphalt shingle roof.

    Solar roofing, or BIPV, can take the form of solar shingles or roofing tiles that contain solar cells. Solar shingles are far less obtrusive than bolt-on modules, but they are less efficient, too.

When you are selecting the right roofer, make sure they only use quality materials

Bone Dry Roofing is your local full-service roofing contractor, experienced in everything from new roof installations, roof repairs, and maintenance to complete roofing replacements. Even if you have the most complex roofing system, we are well equipped to handle the job. Our Professional crews will always give quality workmanship, engaging customer service, and a long-lasting, resilient roof over your head. If you are looking for a wood-shingled roof, we have the experience to install it. If you want a traditional asphalt roof, we have a range of products to give you a durable and energy efficient roofing system. When you contact our expert roofers, you can rest easy knowing that you are in the best of hands!

Our talented roofers work throughout the Greater Cincinnati area, including Hamilton, Dayton, Cincinnati, Fairfield, Loveland, West Chester, Middletown, Mason, Miamisburg, Ft Mitchell and many parts of Ohio. Call us at 1-844-385-8388 today to schedule an appointment for a roofing estimate. Find out why Bone Dry Roofing is one of the most trusted roofing contractors in the industry. 

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